iPhone 5.5 With Smaller Price Tag Tipped Coming First

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The Wall Street Journal has said that Apple could be planning on launching a low cost version of their Apple iPhone 5 during the second half of this year.

Apple iPhone 5.5 coming before iPhone 6 (WSJ)

The new device would look just like the Apple iPhone 5; however it may have a few cost saving measures put into effect. The Journal has suggested that Apple may use a shell of polycarbonate plastic so as to help reduce the price tag.

However many of the components could stay the same or they may start recycling them from older models of the Apple iPhone. An earlier rumour was that Apple may reveal the Apple iPhone 6 as early as June and it would come in a choice of colours.

So whether it is the iPhone 6 or an intermediate cheaper model, possibly iPhone 5.5, I’m sure Apple fans can’t wait to see what Apple has up their sleeves for 2013.

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