iPhone 5 vs iPhone 6: Enemy At The Gates

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One of the biggest stories for Apple in December was the drop in their stock prices. One of the reasons behind this was reports from analysts about Apple cutting iPhone 5 orders in Q1 of 2013.

iPhone 5 vs iPhone 6: production woes

At first it was thought that demand for the Apple iPhone 5 had dwindled, otherwise why would Apple want to cut down on the orders? However it seems that there could be another reason.

Bear in mind the manufacturing of the Apple iPhone 5 could have gone a lot better than expected. Secondly you have to consider that Apple is going to be releasing a brand new Apple iPhone 6, perhaps in May or June, according to Brian White from Topeka capital.

If Apple were to release another iPhone and shift the release closer then it makes sense that they would cut down the orders for the Apple iPhone 5 during Q1 of 2013. They will not want to be stuck with excess. Demand for the iPhone 5 will fall off as more rumours come out about the new Apple iPhone 6 being released!

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