Apple Explains Why iPhone 5 Isn’t Magical Or Revolutionary

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While the iPhone 5 announcement yesterday went off without a hitch and we saw all the rumors floating around the web all this time in fact come true (except for NFC), you can’t help but feel it misses that same magical feeling the first few iPhone launches brought.

Why iPhone 5 doesn’t feel “magical” and revolutionary

Could it be that we don’t have Steve Jobs anymore to match the excitement of previous launches? Or has Apple just gotten tiring and uninspiring?

According to CNET, it may be the latter but with good cause. The tech blog reports it following a video that was posted of Jonathan Ive telling us that as people love their iPhones so much, changes have to really thought out.

Ives went on to say that the smartphone is one object that people use the most in life and thanks to the relationship that people have with their phone, changes have to be taken very seriously. Apple didn’t want to make a new iPhone; they wanted to make a better version. LTE was added in the iPhone 5 for speed and promised that people would see a big difference when downloading. However can he say that if you are with AT&T? Apple also said that frame rates had been increased. But who cares and who knows what this means?

One thing stands out from the release of the iPhone 5 is that Apple will not go as far out with their handset as what most owners would like it to, it will only go as far as what Apple believe you need. Despite this fact people will still flock to purchase the new handset as soon as it is available for pre-order, because that’s what you do when you love the iPhone.

While the Samsung Galaxy S3 may continue to be on the brink of innovation (it did after all bring NFC, LTE, bigger displays, dual-core devices and more last year), Apple will continue to move at its current pace as that it was it believes Apple fans want.

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