Apple Builds A Highway For iPhone 5 To Catch Up With Galaxy S3

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Now that Apple has won in court against Samsung, they are celebrating by applying for a ban of eight phones from Samsung in the US. If Apple manages to do this it would be a devastating blow to Samsung who are trying to gain on the iPhone in the US. The ban also has other manufacturers worried.

Apple lawyers bulldozing a “highway” for iPhone 5 debut

The ban of the phones is in the hands of a judge who will hear the motion in court on 20th September, just one day before the rumored launch of the iPhone 5. Under threat is the Samsung Galaxy S2, which is an important handset in the Samsung stable. The Droid Charge along with the Galaxy Prevail is also in the firing line for a ban if things do not go Samsung’s way. On the side Apple is also trying to get the Samsung Galaxy Nexus banned, again.

Manufacturers of other handsets with a likeness to the iPhone are also worried as Apple could decide they want to take them on too. Last Friday it was found that Samsung had violated patents with around 20 of their handsets. However Apple is just after getting eight of the models taken from the shelves in the US.

Along with this Samsung will have to pay Apple $1 billion. Samsung have said that they plan on making an appeal and since they lost in court their shares have dropped, while those of Apple have reached new heights.

With the iPhone 5 now just around the corner and Samsung wounded, Apple’s lawyers seem to be building a”highway” for the iPhone 5 to catch up to the sales of the Samsung Galaxy S3 which has had a good headstart.

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