Did Apple Just Sneakily Point To The iPhone 5 Release Date?

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While Apple kept mum at their developer’s conference about the iPhone 5, it seems according that they may have given a large hint about the release date for iOS 6.

iOS 6 and iPhone 5 release date likely tied together

During WWDC 2012, Apple said that iOS 6 would come out in the fall, and this seems to be match rumors that the latest incarnation of the iPhone will be released at the same time. As we have seen with the past 5 iPhone models already, Apple always released them with a new major iOS upgrade. So why should iPhone 5 be any different.

Apple has already told us that we can expect to see around 200 new features in the latest iOS 6 build. As you may expect not all of these are major features. Everything points to Apple releasing their latest iPhone 5 with their latest operating system as this would give the device a major boost in the market.

One of the many new features is the map app and this takes place of Google Maps which have been on the iPhone since the first edition in 2007. If the iPhone 5 is released with iOS 6, it means the iPhone 5 would have turn by turn navigation out of the box. This of course would again put it up there alongside the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S3 and other Android phones which can boast this feature.

At the moment, Apple has not given any official confirmation of the release date of the iPhone 5, but they did say that their latest OS is coming in the fall. So for now we can only assume what will happen. Maybe they will reveal the iPhone 5 just before the fall, with a release date for the same time as we get our hands on iOS 6? Based on what we’ve seen this past 5 years with every iPhone models, that seems just about right.

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