Apple Gives Multiple Signals To iPhone 5 Release Date During WWDC 2012 Keynote

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Since WWDC started on June 11, Apple fans have been trawling the internet for all and any news about upcoming Apple products. High on the wishlist of news is any hint of the iPhone 5 release date. Although Apple’s said nothing so far about the date, some commentators, including the Tampa Smartphone Examiner, are claiming that the Californian giant has hinted about the 6th gen handset in its iOS 6 release date announcement.

Apple hints potential iPhone 5 release date

An article published earlier today claims that Apple pretty much confirmed the iPhone 5 release date would be in the fall. It’s been obvious to those in the know for a while that Apple isn’t going to launch the iPhone 5 until later in the year, but these reports that say the handset will be out and about in autumn are proving very interesting. The release of iOS 6 is officially set for the fall as well, so it makes sense for the iPhone 5 to come out around then too.

According to another article from earlier today, iPhone 5 release date hints “provided by Apple include its new Maps app.” Apple has used Google Maps in its devices since 2007, and the app was embedded so far that users couldn’t uninstall it. Now, however, Apple has its new “turn-by-turn navigation and 3D Flyover emulation” app. This app will be exclusive to the iPhone 4S only and leave out the iPhone 4 & 3G. So it’s unlikely that the tech giant would create a new mapping app that ousts Google Maps if they weren’t set to release a new handset later this year i.e. this fall.

Whatever it looks like and whenever the new handset arrives, iPhone fans will queue up to buy it.

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