Apple Axes Staff Ahead of iPhone 5 Release, Delaying Launch Just Like With 4S?

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Apple have over the last couple of weeks started laying off staff that they had recently hired at their retail stores. A lot of the reports seen to be about retail stores in the UK, however there have also been rumors about this happening around the world reports MacRumors. There have also been suggestions that cut backs in relation to hours over the long term will be happening for part time staff in the US and Canada.

Apple axing new hires ahead of iPhone 5 release

In the past Apple have been criticized for the way they treat their retail employees, bearing in mind the revenue these stores bring in for Apple. They have instituted increases in salary recently and to help improve relationships with staff they have looked into improved benefits. However the latest reports say that they are still having to contend with morale issues and their balance in staffing levels.

It has been said that all of the employees at one retail store in the UK have been laid off if they had less than 6 months of service. This also included staff that were taken on just one month ago and who had only just undergone training. Apple are said not to be taking on anymore staff and any transfers between stores have been stopped for the moment.

It also seems that staff who have been with Apple for a long time have never got their pay increases and some have been demoted. In the US staff have seen their hours cut back and even though Apple said that said part time staff would see their hours restored when children went back to school, this has not happened. Of course staffing does fluctuate as the company meets demand. However with the launch of the iPhone 5 rumored to be weeks away you would think that Apple would want all hands on deck.

On a side note, rumors are popping up across the blogosphere that the reason Apple is axing recent hires is because they were expecting the need for additional support with the impending launch of the iPhone 5. So naturally, the dismissal of said staff has created new speculations that the iPhone 5 may be delayed just like we saw with the iPhone 4S last year. Here’s hoping this is not true as the iPhone 5 is one of the most anticipated smartphones of 2012.


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