iPhone 5: Apple Reduces Production, Retailers Cutting Prices

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In a surprising turn of events, just over a month on from the release of the iPhone 5 have we seen Apple cut back on component orders by around 20 percent. To add to this, retailers have begun to drastically slash prices of the iPhone 5 much sooner than we saw with its predecessors.

iPhone 5 production reduced while retailers toss it in discount bin

Right no you can get an iPhone 5 16GB for as low as $127 via Walmart with a two year contract. Over at Fry’s it is now only $126. By comparison, the iPhone 4S which was launched the same time last year, saw its first big price cut in April only when it was being marked down for as low as $179. Both iPhones of course cost the same at launch – $199.

On the topic of the iPhone 4S, it was still difficult to come by the model in December of last year with shipping times in the US still sitting between 2 and 4 weeks. Currently, you can get the iPhone 5 in 2-4 days if you order online from the Apple Store.

It is unclear what the problem is as the reception the iPhone 5 launch received was as tremendous as previous iPhone launched. Some analysts however reckon that Apple needs a wider range of new phones with different price points in the coming year, and can’t rely on just the single iPhone 5 to carry it.

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