Apple Not Being Coy With iPhone 5 Anymore, Learned It Lesson?

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Apple is traditionally reticent about new products and has never given the name of a new gadget in advance. However, when invites for a September 12 press event went out, there was a big shadowy “5” where there should have been a big shadowy “12”. Hint: iPhone 5.

iPhone 5 name already confirmed by Apple invite

Apple confused the media this time last year by announcing the iPhone 4S instead of the hoped-for iPhone 5. There were no obvious clues as there are now, and many people were disappointed by the jump from 4 to 4S.

Then in March this year Cupertino foxed Apple fans again by releasing “the new iPad” instead of the iPad 3 or iPad HD.

The original iPhone was beset by name wrangles, as no-one knew whether it would be called iPhone, with Cisco already having an IP telephony product with that very monicker. It was all settled on stage at Moscone West in San Fran when Steve Jobs pulled an iPhone out. The two companies, it seems, had reached an understanding.

So, that long tall “5” could be a sign that Apple is going to be a bit more upfront about product launches. The company may think that all the rumors and speculation might actually be backfiring if people are disappointed every time. Maybe Apple wants to make it clear that the numbering system is still going strong. It also explains why their not flipping shit over the numerous iPhone 5 leaks this year.

Apple official invite

Apple official invite

If the iPhone 5 is just a set of internal upgrades with a few hardware tweaks – the bigger screen and longer thinner body, as well as that 8 (or 9) pin connector, then Apple is right to force people to recalibrate their expectations ahead of the launch.

There is a wee bit of mystery around this momentous September 12 event, though. Will the iPad Mini feature or not? If not, then will it debut in October instead? Not long to wait, now! What do you expect to see in the iPhone 5?

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