Apple Will Launch iPhone Mini After Denying Its Existence

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The successor to the Apple iPhone 5 may be called the Apple iPhone 5S or the 6 and it is a sure thing for this year. However at the same time rumors have been going around that there will be a cheaper Apple iPhone coming out, with some people calling this the Apple iPhone Mini.

Why iPhone Mini will be joining iPhone 6 this year

Ex-Apple CEO Steve Jobs once said that it would be better if Apple cannibalized their own sales, rather than allow their competitors to do it. So when the Apple iPad Mini was revealed people thought that it might just do this and eat away at the sales of the full-size Apple iPad. This didn’t occur and reports have shown that the Apple iPad Mini is very popular with those who have never owned an Apple tablet before.

This may mean that the same would happen with the Apple iPhone Mini, as one of the biggest things standing in the way of people buying an iPhone has been the price tag. This has been more so with those who are outside of the US where the subsidies with carriers are not quite as generous.

Just as the rumours of there being an Apple iPad Mini were dismissed in the beginning, the same is bound to happen with the Apple iPhone Mini. Phil Schiller did say that Apple would not reveal a cheap iPhone. However you have to face it, Apple have backtracked in the past. Tim Cook could just come out and say that Apple doesn’t release cheap products, just products that are value added, in the form of the Apple Mini iPhone. Voila! There’s your value-added iPhone!

So just what might the device look like? Well one reader has posted a concept that is interesting. The device comes with a display of 3.5 inches. and shares the same styling as the iPhone 5, which is also believed to be what the iPhone 6 would look like. This could be a perfect way to tell the difference between the value added version and the premium iPhone. As with the Apple iPad Mini, the cheaper iPhone Min should have an older processor too. Check out the render below.

iPhone Mini sitting on top of an iPhone 5 (concept)

iPhone Mini sitting on top of an iPhone 5 (concept)

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