Apple For Dummies: iPhone 5 Not Alone, iPad Mini Steals Berlin Show Too

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Accessory trade shows are one place you can expect to find dummies or prototypes, and this year’s IFA in Berlin is no exception. Last year before the release of the iPad 2 there were Chinese manufacturers showing off cases that would fit the unreleased iPad. They turned out to be accurate. This year it is the turn of the iPad Mini and iPhone 5 to be shown off in dummy form – made from milled steel and leaked secrets.

Dummy iPad mini spotted alongside iPhone 5 at IFA 2012

The iPad mini dummy (below) shows a lot of the rumors that have been going around regarding the device and it was displayed along with an iPhone 4S, which was thrown in for comparison. The mock up shows the home button below the display and the new dock connector sits on the lower edge of the device. It also shows either stereo speakers of the microphone in a new position on the device. The microphone on the iPad mini now is at the top edge. If the scale is true then the iPad Mini looks set to be slimmer than the iPhone 4S it is shown with.

Will Apple reveal a smaller iPad this year? Some are saying no but evidence seems to point towards Apple working on one. But do we really need an iPad with a 7.85 inch display or is the current iPad perfect?

Dummy iPad mini

Dummy iPad mini

Coincidentally, we reported just yesterday of an iPhone 5 dummy at IFA as well. Apparently that particular dummy was selling like hotcakes over in China for just $8 according to a BusinessInsider report.


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