Apple Deletes Hints Of Devices Like iPhone 5 & iPad Mini From Key iOS 6 File

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There once was a time in which eager rumourmongers would gleefully download the latest developer beta of the next generation of iOS and poke around to see what devices Apple had in store to support it.

Possible clues to iPhone 5 & iPad mini deleted from key iOS 6 file

They would fall upon the information in the USBDeviceConfiguration.plist in the manner of Roman oracles diving the name of the next Caesar from goat innards. They weren’t looking for a new emperor, though, they were looking for any news of future hardware products from Apple like the iPhone 5 and iPad Mini. With iOS 6, however, this list is no more. The file is still there (and there was an earlier version that had details of jokey non-existent software), but there are no hints of up-and-coming hard or software to be found any longer as Apple appears to have deleted it, suggests TUAW.

Tim Cook really meant what he said when he talked about doubling up on secrecy and security. It seems likely, too, that this is the first lock to click shut on an ever-increasing series of security measures that will shut up any potential leaks coming out of Cupertino.

We already saw Samsung handle secrecy very well with the Samsung Galaxy S3 by working on 3 distinct prototypes of the flagship phone  to keep everyone guessing. So it comes as no surprise that Apple has plans in store as well to prevent any iOS devices form leaking prematurely.

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