Everything That’s Wrong With Apple’s iPhone 5

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The iPhone 5 is out and there has been some great things said about it, along with a lot of complaints from consumers. Just as with the release of any new handset, people are going online and reporting issues. Some of which seems to be widespread, and which may give cause for concern, others affect just small portions of owners. Let’s take a look.

Most common iPhone 5 complaints

The display on the iPhone 5 is more durable than on any previous model. However the edges and back do seem to be less resistant to scratches. I have seen this personally when my phone arrived with scuff marks. Therefore you might want to think twice before you put the iPhone 5 in a pocket next to anything sharp, such as keys.

Some people have been saying that they have had problems with the display of their iPhone 5. This has included what seem to be air bubbles. Some have said that the display flickers and the light seem to leak out between the gap in the power buttons and the handset.

Others have said that they have had issues with Wi-Fi and one thread online had more than 30 pages with this problem. Many said that they cannot connect to Wi-Fi and some only connect for a brief period of time or the iPhone 5 runs slow.

A very silly complaint is that the iPhone 5 is too light. There have been numerous Tweets with people saying that the handset feels too light in the hand. Some have said that the handset feels more like a toy than a high end device.

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