iPhone 5: Is This Apple Turning Into A Blackberry?

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While the iPhone 5 is not all that different to its predecessor it does have great changes. The display is larger, the camera has better color saturation and it has connection for 4G LTE. So for now it is the best of the iPhones to date and it should break sales records.

iPhone 5 too late to innovate

Both AT&T and Verizon said that they ran out of reserves when the pre-orders went live, in just an hour. This means that you will have more chance of finding a needle in a haystack right now than getting your hands on an iPhone 5.

Reports tell us that when combined together, Android and iPhone own 86% of the market in the US and the platforms continue to grow. This means customers are moving from RIM and Nokia continually.

Once upon a time RIM’s Blackberry was the phone to have and was the leader in mobile computing. However Blackberry then began losing their share in the market to Apple and Android and today they struggle to stay afloat with those who bought shares at the top having lost 95% of the investment they made. So what does BlackBerry’s demise have to do with the ‘most valuable company’ in the world?

DailyFinance explains that RIM didn’t like changes or adjusting to meet what customers wanted fast enough. Apple it seems may be going down the same path as RIM towards disaster. The basic design of the iPhone remains much the same with iPhone 5 and next summer that look will have grown even older than it is now (2+ years already). While iOS 6 has seen some improvements this too remains much the same as it did five years ago if you try and compare it to the likes of Android Cupcake to Jelly Bean today. So how long can Apple continue dishing out the same old same old?

You just know that one of their competitors will bring out a fresh and exciting feature on a phone and for Apple this could be the beginning of the end. We’ve already discussed how the original iPhone went from being revolutionary to the current iPhone 5 just catching up to the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S3. So it appears to already be happening.

Of course Apple have a larger bank account than RIM so they would keep afloat for some time, but they would no longer have the name they were known for when they released the iPhone back in 2007 points out DailyFinance.

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