Apple iPhone 11: Not Worth Upgrading?

Apple finally announces their new Apple iPhone 11 and while the new iPhones will come with some upgrades, overall, there won’t be anything major. So shuold be upgrade your older iPhone to the newer model?

Of course, if you have been using your iPhone for years now and is need of a new phone, the new iPhone 11 is not a bad option at all. Even the base iPhone 11 model is said to be great with its upgraded camera. The Night mode is said to be far more superior than what the Google Pixel camera is offering which is impressive since the Pixel devices are known for its low light mode.

The new iPhone 11 also comes with a bigger battery pack which means users won’t have to keep looking for a power outlet throughout the day. It also helps that Apple decided to bring down the price of the base model to $699.

Would you change your iPhone X to the iPhone 11?