Apple iPad Pro: There Is Still Time

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Fans of the Apple iPad Pro were disappointed when Apple failed to mention anything about their new tablet at the iPhone XS announcement event this year. After that, most people have assumed that Apple does not plan to offer any new Apple iPad Pro this year but some reports are now saying that it is not true. In fact, Apple could just be waiting for the right time.

According to some of the developers that looked through the codes in the iOS 12.1 update, the “ipad2018Fall” can be found in the codes which suggest that they are working on one. Since the Fall is far from over, Apple still has more than enough time to plan and announce the Apple iPad Pro.

There were talks that the Apple iPad Pro could be coming in with a Face ID tech along with the Smart Connector which might be moved to a new position so that it does not block the display. Hopefully, more details will be revealed soon.

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