Apple iPad Pro: Microsoft Not Alone Anymore

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Microsoft seems to be the only one that has been working to have tablet replace the conventional laptops but it looks like they are no longer alone as Apple reveals they plan when they announce the new smaller Apple iPad Pro.

We saw the Apple iPad Pro last year and this week at the Apple Event, Apple announce another Apple iPad Pro, this time, a 9.7inch model. According to Apple, the Apple iPad Pro is going to be the “ultimate PC replacement”.

The new tablet will come with most of the features we saw on the bigger model. The large version, the small iPad Pro will also come with the Apple Pencil and keyboard accessories and will also come with the 3D Touch display.

What’s new is the True Tie which will measure the ambient light and adjust the screen so that it matches its surroundings. The new Apple iPad Pro will be coming in with a $599 price tag.

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  1. OhBrother

    March 27, 2016 at 8:22 am

    No, Microsoft is still alone.

    They make surface, the tablet that can replace your laptop.

    Apple makes iPad Pro, the tablet that pretends it can replace your laptop. …Oh and, eh, just windows laptops. Not Macs. Because they’re apparently not laptops.…

    See the difference?