Apple Explains Why iPad Mini Isn’t 7″, Calculator Please?

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In 20120 Steve Jobs said that there wasn’t any need for an iPad of 7 inches as the screen size wasn’t big enough to be able to run decent apps. However with the release of the iPad Mini, the words of the late Steve Jobs have been remembered and Tim Cook chose to respond about them.

Why is iPad Mini not 7-inches like the Google Nexus 7

Cook defended what Jobs had said back then; Apple has no desire to make a tablet of 7 inches. He made a referral to the size advantages of the 7.9 inch display that the iPad Mini has, over devices that are smaller. These he believes ensures that the new tablet is large enough for people not to worry about the size concerns that Jobs had.

However PocketNow points out that Cook may not be a whiz at maths and he can’t add up right. When talking about the comparison to a 7 inch tablet he said that the difference in the real estate compared to the 7.9, almost 8, is 35%. However if you take the usable area into consideration, this is between a generous 60% and 70%.

With this in mind it doesn’t add up. Theoretically a 7 inch iPad would have the same aspect ratio of 4:3 that the other iPads have and this means that the display would be 4.2 inches x 5.6 inches, which equates to 23.53 square inches. However the display on the new iPad Mini is actually 4.74 x 6.32 inches, which gives it an area of 29.95 square inches.

Whichever way you look at it, PN points out that this is not a 35% difference as Cook said. In actual fact you could say that the iPad Mini is 27% larger than a 7 inch model or that the 7 inch model would be just over 21% smaller than the iPad Mini.

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