Apple: iPad Mini Now For Reservation With Next Day Pickup

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The iPad Mini has been very popular with the first batches of them having sold out in stores and online. However Apple has now decided to offer online reservations for the iPad Mini with next day pick up in store suggests AppleInsider.

Apple to offer iPad Mini for reservation with personal next-day pickup

Apple have been quoting a delivery time of two weeks for the iPad Mini, however you can order the 7.9 inch tablet online from 10pm and then pick it up in store the next day. The reservation system allows those wanting to be among the first to get their hands on the new device to do so without the two week waiting list and Apple have used it before with some of the their other product launches.

For fans who simply cannot wait, this is the best solution as stores are only receiving a limited number of the tablets as they slowly make their way from China.

Of course there is no telling how many of the iPad Mini units are allotted for reservations as the stock will fluctuate. However if you want to get your hands on one you can check availability from 10pm onwards.

To buy the iPad Mini this way you will have to go through the online ordering process and then choose to pick up when you reach the checkout. The inventory of the Apple Store is updated every night.

This type of system was used in China recently for the iPad 3. Consumers were able to buy online and then pick up their device at a certain time the next day.

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