iPad Mini: How Apple Is Defending Its $329 Price Tag

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The iPad Mini is many things, including small, thin and light, however one thing it is not and that is cheap.

iPad Mini: Apple explains $329 price tag

Following the release of the device by Apple on Tuesday many are saying that the $329 price tag for the entry model of the 7.9 inch iPad Mini is too high.  The entry level device cost is around $80 more than you would pay for the Google Nexus 7 at $249 and about $130 more than you could get Kindle Fire HD for off Amazon, which has a price tag of $199.

However BGR reports that the senior vice present of marketing at Apple, Phil Schiller, has defended Apple’s pricing of the new iPad Mini. He said that consumers have shown consistently that they prefer the iPad 2 at $399 over competing devices with lower prices. He went on to say that consumers would rather pay premium prices to get their hands on premium products and the experience that the iPad provides.

Schiller concluded that the price of $329 is the most affordable new iPad yet and lots of consumers were going to be very excited about this. Whether this will prove true we will have to just wait and see.

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