Why Apple iPad Mini Will Be Available Free On Contract (SG)

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The price we have to pay for the latest tech is the hottest debate for some, while others don’t give it much thought. The folks over at SlashGear today suggested that it would make a lot of sense if Apple chose to offer the rumored iPad Mini for free to those who wanted it on contract.

SG: iPad Mini may be free on contract at launch

Some time back the editor of the tech blog posted an article about why the iPhone 4S would be offered free, however this ended up not being the iPhone 4S but the iPhone 3GS. This was to be the first time ever that an iPhone was offered free of charge on contract. This is a sales structure that has remained the same today and right now the iPhone 4S is offered for free with a plan.

So SG believes that the iPad Mini may follow a similar path among its tablet siblings. However Apple might not have customers wait until the tablet passes its prime before slashing the price tag. Why? SG explains:

The iPad Mini is made with parts that cost less than those of the iPad, iPad 2 and the iPad 3 and therefore Apple would be in a position to subsidise.  The iPad Mini could be the ultimate free contract tablet. Apple may be able to ensure that they could offer wireless data to the device and it would only work with their own digital services hence recuperating the money this way. This would include iTunes, App store and iTunes Match, with yearly cost intact.

Do you think SlashGear is on to something here or is Apple likely to price the iPad mini around the $250 to $300 mark?

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