Apple iPad Mini 4, iPad Air 2, & iPad Pro: Can’t Decide?

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Apple is currently offering more than one tablet option. There is the Apple iPad Mini 4, the larger Apple iPad Air 2 as well as the latest Apple iPad Pro.

If you are looking for a large size tablet that can be used with a keyboard. The Apple iPad Pro is the tablet for you. Since it is new, it will also come fitted with all the latest tech Apple has to offer like the 3D Touch feature. There is also the new Apple Pencil.

Those looking for a small and portable tablet will most likely go for the Mini 4 model. It is not only small but it is also cheaper so it is great for those looking to save a few bucks.

Then there is the Apple iPad Air 2. If you are looking to get that, you might want to wait a little longer as new report suggest that Apple will be announcing a successor for the tablet at the end of this month. Some said that it is going to be an iPad Air 3 while other think that it is going to be an Apple iPad Pro Mini. Whatever it is, the announcement is just weeks away so let’s wait and see.

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