Apple iPad Can’t Dominate, Surface In The Way

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The Apple iPad’s biggest rival right now is the Surface devices and while Apple did a pretty good job with their iPads, it looks like they can never get where they want to be as long as the Surface is here.

According to the latest J.D. Power study, the Surface not only best Apple in terms of design but it also beat Apple when it comes to productivity and accessories used. The study done by J.D.Power measures the satisfaction of consumers based on a few key areas like features, style, design, performance, and how user-friendly it is.

After looking into all of that, Microsoft and their Surface managed to score an impressive 855 points. The Apple iPad did pretty well for itself as well with 849 points but they still could not beat the Microsoft Surface.

It is believed that the versatility of the Surface was one of the reasons why the Microsoft Surface managed to score better than the Apple iPad. Users can easily go from tablet to laptop.

They also added that the majority if Surface users are younger consumers which debunk the rumor that Windows devices are only used by the older generation.

While it might look like hybrid devices like the Microsoft Surface is the way to go, Apple has made it clear that they are not looking to release a hybrid device so you can forget about ever seeing one from Apple.

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