Apple iPad Air Gets Pushed To One Side To Make Way For iPad Pro 2

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We have heard that Apple might be working on the new iPad Pro 2 and when it comes it is going to come at a cost. In order to make way for the Pro 2 we have heard that Apple could be about to kill off the iPad Air.

Rumours have been going around that the iPad Air could be about to be killed off as the stocks of the tablet have been going down and they are not being replaced. One reseller also said that they have no intentions of restocking the iPad Air.

MacMall are only offering the space gray and silver version of the iPad Air and only in a few internal storage choices. Some stores of Apple have revealed that they too only have a few versions of the iPad Air 2.

There are some fans who think that the lack of stock is thanks to the fact that Apple is wanting to get rid of them before they bring out the Apple iPad Pro 2. We did hear that Apple could offer three versions of the iPad Pro this time, but Apple hasn’t confirmed this.

But do you think that Apple wants to get rid of the stock of the Apple iPad Air to make room for the Apple iPad Pro 2?

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