Apple iPad Air 2 Offered With Price Drop For Black Friday 2015

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Some retailers were very slow off the mark when it came to showing us their deals for Black Friday. Apple and Amazon were among them. Meanwhile Best Buy weren’t slow as they showed us the deals they were offering on the Apple iPad 2. They offered the iPad with a drop in price for Black Friday 2015.

Best Buy started their sales on Thanksgiving at 5pm and they kept the doors open until 1am before closing them and then opening them back up on Black Friday at 8am.

Best Buy offered Black Friday deals on the Apple iPad Air 2 16GB version with savings of $100 off. They also offered the 64GB version with savings of $100 and the 128GB came with savings of $125 off.

There was other technology on offer in the Black Friday sales along with the Apple iPad Air 2 and Best Buy offered some great deals.