WSJ: Apple iPad 4 Fired Up For Summer Showdown With Fire 2 & Nexus 7

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There have been rumors that the iPad 4 is soon to be released, as the components for the device are already underway in Asia, according to suppliers. This is taken from a report by Lorraine Luk on the Wall Street Journal.

WSJ: Apple iPad 4 looks ready for a summer release, to battle with Google Nexus 7

Those in the know have been saying that the screen will be smaller than the usual 9.7 inches to create a handier device. The screen is also said to have an LG display. These suppliers have bee indicating that Apple have been telling them to get ready to produce the components on a mass scale. Spokespeople for Apple as usual are refusing to comment on the subject.

With the new tablet, market research firms are making ambitious predictions for tablet sales in 2012, expecting it to go up to 126.6m units, which is an increase of 85%. This is despite stiff competition in the 7-inch range from the other various new and much anticipated tablets such as the Google Nexus 7 which has a 7 inch screen and a $199 price tag, matching 2011’s Kindle Fire. Also Microsoft are said to have a new tablet coming out in Q4 2012 – going against the grain of the more slimline devices with a whopping 10.6 inch screen, and with a “comparable” price according to Steve Sinofsky (MS Windows Chief). This of course will be going up with the New iPad 3 that almost matches it in terms of size.

Nevertheless, with all reports based on suppliers as sources, we suggest taking WSJ’s story about the iPad 4 landing this summer with a grain of salt. Have a good weekend folks.


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