Apple Shakedown Blamed On Ugly iOS & Picking Profits Over Fans

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Many fans woke up this morning surprised at the news coming out of Apple that they had shaken their tree and John Browett and Scott Forstall were leaving the employment of the company. While Browett had been with Apple for just nine months, Forstall has been with them since 1997 and was one of the late Steve Jobs’ favourite people.

Apple lets go of John Browett & Scott Forstall

At the moment Apple have not released a statement on why they have made the shake-up in employees and so we can only speculate as to why the pair may have parted company with Apple. The folks over at CultOfMac believe they have the answer and put the blame on the aging design of iOS, as well as the company focusing more on profits instead of what’s good for fans.

As COM explains, Scott Forstall may have left due to Siri. Forstall was the one that gave the pitch for the personal assistant, and he made Siri look amazing. Siri replied quickly to what Forstall asked it. However in real life the story is a different one and Forstall has been accused of under delivering and making promises that haven’t been kept. Siri was one of the huge selling features when the iPhone 4S was released, now it is known as more of a joke than anything else.

Apple maps have been the downfall of iOS 6 and it replaced Google Maps. A lot of problems with the map app were actually fixed by the Apple development team prior to launch. However Forstall’s team rushed the app out without having undertaken much quality assurance and checking for discrepancies. The map app has damaged the reputation of Apple and it would be enough reason on its own for someone to get the axe.

iOS development is another issue. Microsoft has released a very innovative OS and Android added many new features to their Jelly Bean OS. Apple on the other hand and iOS doesn’t captivate consumers, despite being an excellent product. Forstall and his team have made iOS somewhat outdated over the past two years and if Apple wants to stay ahead in the mobile market they will have to take some large steps. It seems that Forstall didn’t want to take the plunge. We still see a very outdated look to iOS that seems to continue flowing through with the new features. It may be time to retire that leather wrapping and notepad lines don’t you think?

Browett could have parted ways with Apple due to chemistry, or lack of it. He has caused a stir at Apple and hasn’t fit in with the ethos of Apple during his time with them. Browett used to be the CEO for Dixons and it was said that he cared more for making money than he did for customers. The hiring of Browett was something of a shock. Browett brought in new policies in Apple Stores in 2012 and these seem to have taken something away from the customer experience. He also lowered the amount of employees in the stores so that they would be more profitable. He failed to realise that when people go to an Apple store they want excellent customer service.

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