Swiss No Longer Neutral, Its National Railway Says Apple iOS 6 Stole Design

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The clock app that Apple has added to their new operating system, iOS 6, may land them in hot water and brand them as copycats. They may be about to get themselves in trouble as the analogue style clock face bears a similar resemblance to the Swiss railway clock.

Swiss Railway accuses Apple of trademark infringement with iOS 6 app

It appears that the designers at Apple may have copied the iconic, and also trademarked, Swiss Federal Railway clock. This clock is seen in train stations scattered throughout Switzerland, and it appears that SBB will make Apple pay.

The clock is not the first time that Apple have used such an iconic design in an iOS app. Their original calculator was, as Apple said, there way of paying homage to the Braun ET44 calculator. Isn’t “paying homage” just another world for copying? No, it isn’t says Apple.

The SBB said that they have copyright, along with a trademark, for the clock’s design. The clock is now well known and associated with SBB and even Switzerland. A spokesman for SBB said that they enjoyed the fact that Apple is using the Swiss railway clock as it proves that it is a great design. However, the fact remains that Apple do not have authorized use of the clock design in their iOS 6 apps.

Image credit: Ars Technica

Image credit: Ars Technica

So have Apple just paid homage to the clock or have they just copied the design? SBS think it is the latter, which is actually ironic when you think about it as Apple has been saying that Samsung copied their designs for the iPhone and iPad. Apple may want to remember the old saying of “what goes around, comes around”; could Apple be in court next accused of copying?

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