Apple iOS 12 New Useful Feature Added

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One of the features that were pretty useful when Apple introduced us to the 3D Touch was the trackpad feature and it looks like all iPhones users will be able to use it soon as it will soon be released to even non-3D Touch iPhones.

The feature will come with the iOS 12. It will work slightly different than how you would use it on a 3D Touch device but the function is generally the same. To use it on the non-3D-Touch device, users will have to press and hold the space bar on the keyboard for two seconds and the keyboard will turn into a trackpad.

This feature will make it easier for users to select items on the display as it can be quite difficult to precisely select tiny text or space with your fingers. Since the upcoming iPhone XR does not come with 3D Touch, this update would be very useful.

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