Perfect Name For Upcoming Apple HDTV: The Big Mac!

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While an iPhone 5S, iPad 5 and next-generation MacBook models are a given, one product that has been hitting the rumor mill as often but still remains just vaporware is the Apple TV. Now we’re not talking about the box but the actual television set which many tech gurus refer to as the Apple HDTV or iTV.

The last rumors regarding such a product suggested that it would come in at around 40-inches and would have smart apps intergration which would allow it to access the Apple Store and iTunes. The concept is sound but to date we haven’t seen such a product.

Why Apple may not be releasing an Apple HDTV just yet is a little mind boggling given that they already have a large iMac as well as the world’s best selection of apps. Samsung is already making a killing in the Smart TV category and you would think Apple would want in on the action.

Well if an Apple HDTV does come to exist, I have the perfect name for it – the Big Mac! So, who wants a Big Mac?

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