Apple Have Blinkers On For MacBook Pro Failure

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Apple launched the MacBook Pro last year and it offering up many promises that it didn’t keep thanks to the poor battery life and the performance, which was mediocre at best.

One of the main reasons why it was a failure was that Apple used the Intel Skylake processor and not the Intel Kaby Lake one that was found in the competition. It seemed that Apple would have liked to use the Kaby Lake but they had no choice.

While Intel did play their part in this, it was Apple who chose to release what was supposed to have been one of the most power MacBooks instead of waiting and delaying the launch. Perhaps Apple thought that they could get away with it, but instead it has been a mistake.

The MacBook Pro didn’t come with the capabilities that the Kaby Lake processor would have offered it. It hasn’t been able to support 32GB RAM as the battery life would have been even worse than it is now. However there is a new MacBook Pro coming our way and it will offer the more powerful processor.

Apple isn’t all that happy with Intel and rumours were going around that they would be cutting ties them. It seems that the upcoming Pro series could have processors made in-house by Apple and this would be the same as the iPhones.