Apple Hasn’t Only Messed Up The Jet Black iPhone 7

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We have heard in the past from owners of the Jet Black iPhone 7 who have complained about purchasing an expensive device only to find that the handsets paintwork has chipped. Now hear reports that the matte black version of the handset is also suffering the same issues.

The forums of Apple have been where people have turned to for talking about the chipped aluminium paint on the matte black version of the iPhone 7. Owners have said that even though they have taken good care of their phones and used cases and screen protectors, the handset has been scratched.

One owner said that they had kept their iPhone 7 Matt Black under cover and then took it out of the case to wipe the dust from it and then noticed that some of the anodised paint was chipped off. As you can imagine they were upset.

You would have thought that when paying out $649 for the iPhone 7 the black paint wouldn’t come off so easy. But do you own the matte version of the phone and have you had any issues with the paint coming off?

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