Google Underestimated Apple, Didn’t Know “Round Corners” Patentable

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The Vice President of Google, David Lawee, was recently talking with Bloomberg about the battle of the patents in the mobile phone industry and of course Apple’s victory over Samsung came into the conversation.

Google VP didn’t know “rounded corners” could be patentable in regards to Apple

The Vice President said that Google were slow to invest in the ecosystem of patents and taking patents out for their own technology. He went on to say that Google didn’t think that you could take a patent out for something as normal as “rounded corners” on devices and never thought about protecting the IP. He went on to say that it had been a huge wake up call.

During the last year Google have given more thought to their portfolio of patents and of course their recent acquisition of Motorola for $12.5 billion means that they have added another 17,000 to that portfolio.

Apple of course have been hot on the heels of Android manufacturers, successfully blocking the HTC One X from sale at one point in time and now even targeting the grand daddy Samsung Galaxy S3. Of course, HTC and Samsung are not taking this lightly and they too have their own portfolio of patents, in particular those to do with LTE which may be used against the iPhone 5 when it launches tonight.


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