Apple Confirms Black Friday 2012 Deals (Details)

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Apple have been dangling a carrot in front of the eyes of fans of iOS by sending out an email to fans on Tuesday which promises a one day shopping event at Apple on 23rd November i.e. Black Friday.

Apple Black Friday deals coming

At the moment that was all the information that Apple was willing to give away. They didn’t tell us about what items would be in on the Black Friday sale and even how much the discounts they were offering.

However there were some important details given. According to Apple, the event will begin at 3am Eastern Time and Apple also said that the retails stores of Apple would be in on the deals too. However they did say that you could get deals directly from the iPhone through the Apple Store app.

Apple dropped the price of their iPad 2, iPods and Macs last Black Friday; however the iPhone has not been in the sales before. The discounts however were nothing exciting, but they were good. Typically they were between $41 and $61 savings on the iPad and as much as $101 on the computers.

Apple has refreshed their line-up of devices and so there is plenty of devices to choose from at the moment. However don’t expect the likes of the new iPhone 5 or the iPad Mini to be included in the sales.

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