Apple AirPower Wireless Charger Price Won’t Matter

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After waiting for so long, we are finally getting more details on the AirPower Wireless Charger and this time, it is about the price of the charger.

According to ChongDianTou, the upcoming AirPower could be sold for 1000 Chinese yuan which is about $145. That is pretty pricey for a charger but knowing the audience of Apple’s product, we are sure that people will be lining up to get themselves one of these chargers when Apple does release it.

Of course, since Apple has not announced anything yet, the price might actually be different when Apple does release it so do take this with a pinch of salt but since Apple is known for offering product with a higher price tag, we won’t be surprised if the AirPower Wireless Charger does come with that price tag.

To put things into perspective, the Samsung Wireless Charger Duo will be sold for $119.

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