Apple AirPods Arriving Within Weeks Promises Cook

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The Apple AirPods were supposed to come out at the same time as the iPhone 7 but there was a delay. Up until now Apple haven’t said anything about the release of them and it was suggested that we may have to wait until next year. Now Tim Cook has come forward and said that you may be able to get the pods in your Christmas stocking this year.

People have been getting fed up of waiting for the Apple AirPods and have been contacting Apple support to say that if they have to wait a long time they may as well go for a wireless headset instead.

Now it seems that Tim Cook has come forward and said that the Apple AirPods will start to ship out in a couple of weeks’ time. At the moment you might want to take this with a pinch of salt as it may or may not be the real deal.

Are you waiting for the arrival of the Apple AirPods and hoping to get it in your Christmas stocking?

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