Apple In 2013: iPhone 6, iPad 5, iHDTV & Retina iPad Mini [PREDICTIONS]

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The iPhone 5, iPad Mini and iPad 4 launched just months ago but that hasn’t stopped rumors of its successors coming into the limelight already.

Apple 2013 predictions: iPhone 6, iPad 5, iHDTV & Retina iPad Mini

According to recent reports, given that Apple launched all its top iOS devices in the latter half of 2012, it has shown a slump in the earlier part of the year. So come 2013, Apple may be considering spacing out its releases. What this ultimately means is that we could see some product arrive earlier than expected.

The most debated is the iPhone 6 and iPad 5. The iPad 5 of course is expected to launch sometime in March or April which sticks with Apple’s usual cycles. The iPhone 6 is rumored to have Apple return to a WWDC summer release.

Of course these are just rumors. So to keep the rumor mill churning, what else can we expect from Apple next year? Other rumored products include a 40-inch Apple HDTV which has been dubbed iTV at this time. I personally prefer iHDTV given that iTV is a popular channel and aren’t going to give up their rights just yet.

Another popular speculation is an iPad Mini with a Retina Display. The biggest complaint with the current iPad Mini, aside from its price tag, is the lack of a Retina Display. So we wouldn’t be surprised if that is exactly what Apple will deliver.

So we have an iPhone 6, iPad 5, Retina iPad Mini and even an iHDTV. We’re sure there will be an iPod touch 6G and new Nano as well as always but there have been no rumors of what to expect from them just yet. Can you think of any other iOS devices we may see next year?

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