App Store: 99% Of App Developers Don’t Make Money

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If you are thinking about breaking into the app market and designing apps for devices you may wish to think again. It seems that 99% of app developers don’t make money on their apps.

It has been suggested that only 1% of the top developers actually make money from apps. However on saying this, a lot of the apps that are coming out are knock offs of other games. For instance popular games like Candy Crush are often copied and if you have the real deal you aren’t going to download and pay for a copy.

To make money on apps you do have to come up with something that is going to excite and entice people to download the apps. Flappy Birds for instance was a huge hit for its developer as it was something fun and original. However then we got copies from people hoping to cash in on the name.

To make money on apps the game should be fresh and it should be updated regularly and of course it should be a great game. Developers are not going to make money if they launch a free game that is packed with annoying advertisements.

Google does brag about how many apps they have in their app store. This however seems to be more about quantity than quality. They may have many apps but many of the apps are copies of some of the more popular games out there.

So if you want to avoid being among the 99% of developers who don’t make money with their apps you should come up with something new, fresh and exciting.

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