Apex Legends Top Picked Character Revealed

Everybody will have their favorite characters in the game and for Apex Legends, it looks like Wraith and pathfinder are the fans favorite out of all.

According to Dusty Welch, the general manager of Apex Legends, some characters are picked more often than the rest. He pointed out that Caustic has been an interesting player-favorite especially from a pro player and tournament point of view. Wattson has also been a popular pick in competitive play but that has changed with the 4.1 updates as her character was nerfed.

Other characters that were adjusted with the patch were Bloodhound where he was updated so that he acts more like a tracker using the Eye of the Allfather.

He also mentioned what Season 4 could bring to the game but saying that their plans have been locked in but they do not want to spoil too much for their fans right now.