Apex Legends: Start Level Up Again

Some players have already level up to the point where they can’t level up anymore but there can now continue grinding once more as Respawn announce that the next update for the game will include the level cap of the game.

According to the report, the new update will increase the level cap of the game taking it from 100 to 500. That is a lot of levels to grind. The game will also be getting some new level badges now with players getting one for every 10 levels they earn starting from 110.

It was also added that the game will now get a new progression system. The XP needed to get to Level 100 has been reduced by 5% so that newer players can catch up. There will also be more rewards. If you get from Level 1 to 500, you will receive about 199 Apex Packs and 36 new epic and legendary tier Gun Charms.

For those that have already leveled up significantly, the game will give them the rewards that they should have earned the moment the update arrives.