Apex Legends Season 4 New Character Revenant Not Given A Chance

Apex Legends Season 4 has started and one of the updates that the new season will bring to the game is the addition of a new character, Revenant.

The new character was given a new cinematic trailer that showed where he came from. He was introduced as a bounty hunter for Syndicate and some players have noticed that the newcomer might not be getting along too well with the other characters in the game.

Based on some of the new dialogues in the game when you play as Revenant, some players pointed out that the other characters seem to be making fun or poking at the Revenant focusing on him calling himself Death in his trailer. What do you think?

The new Season 4 will also bring in a new Sentinel sniper rifle and also make a few important changes to World’s Edge and a new battle pass that will add over 100 rewards.