Apex Legends Season 4 Celebrates Valentine’s Day With Duos

Respawn Entertainment will be celebrating Valentine’s Day with their fans by bringing back Duos mode as a limited-time event called Valentine’s Day Rendezvous. The last time this mode was in the game was back in 2019.

The new model will offer players a badge, XP boost if you play with a buddy, two new gun charms and more. This event arrives just after the start of Season 4 which brought a few interesting things to the game including a new legend, Revenant, a cyber ninja.

Season 4 also came with a new Battle Pass and a new weapon, bolt-action sniper rifle called the Snetical and more. The World’s Edge map was also updated with a giant grill that split the terrain. More changes were also made. The full patch notes for Season 4 are already up on their site so players can check out what more Season 4 has to offer.