Apex Legends New Mode Arriving Soon!

The new update will be arriving for Apex Legends that will bring in a new model. Starting from the 3rd of March and two weeks after that, the developer will be added System Override Collection which will come with a new mode, legendary cosmetics and another character heirloom for Octane.

The new mode is called Deja Loot and it will take place on World’s Edge while later on, it will be in Kings Canyon. Players will see the same loot spawn in set locations so players will know what they will be getting.

There is also the new Evo Shield as well. The new shield will start off weaker almost like a common white body shield but will grow strong as you damage enemies and will max out between an epic purple shield and a legendary gold body shield.

For now, the Evo SHield will be exclusive to Deja Loot but it could be added to the main game in the near future.