Apex Legends New Evo Shield Welcome By Fans

Respawn added the new Evo Shield to their popular Apex Legends game not too long ago and it looks like fans are pretty happy with how the new Evo Shield changes the game.

The fact that it was not another new weapon or weapon attachment was already a big surprise to the fans. Evo Shield was offered in Deja Loot, the new model. This new shield starts out weak, even weaker than the weakest shield, the white body shield but the more damage the players’ deals to others, the stronger the shield becomes. It can grow to become even better than the legendary gold body shield.

The shield does not heal automatically either so players will have to carry around extra shield cells and batteries. While it is risky to used one and the fact that it does not heal automatically might make it seems useless but for those that do manage to get it to evolve, the shield can become pretty useful.

Because of these perks, fans are hoping that the developer would consider keeping it in the game as something permanent. What do you think?