Apex Legends New Character To Arrive In Season 5?

In Season 4 of Apex Legends, we were shown a young girl that he Revenant orphaned named Loba Andrade and it looks like the girl will be added as a new character when Season 5 arrives.

The thief will be added as the next playable character in Apex Legends. Season 5: Fortune’s Favor will not only come with a new character but we will also see a new Quest mode added to the game as well.

Loba was leaked in the past after data miners discovered her but some people were still skeptical about it as Respawn has tried to mislead data miners in the past with fake details but it looks like the one on Loba is real.

We still do not know about her abilities but her description does suggest that she is a thief and a pretty good one so her abilities could be related to that.