Apex Legends Halloween Event Now Live!

Apex Legends’ Halloween-themed event is now live and ready to play. Called Fight or Fright, the event will bring the spooks to the battle royale game giving players a chance to collect some pretty cool new skins and cosmetics that will be Halloween themed.

The event will come with the new Shadowfall mode so fans will have a lot to check out this month. The new mode will drop you into King Canyon where you must find weapons and armor. Dying will respawn you back into the game but as a Shadow Squad. You can win by surviving until the dropship arrives or kill all survivors as a member of the Shadow Squad.

Fight or Fright will add a new challenges to the game and completing them will earn you the Halloween-themed cosmetic items. There were also talks about the Revenant possibly making its first appearance in the game in Fight or Fright but we will have to wait and see.