Apex Legends Charge Rifle Won’t Be That Frustrating To Go Against Soon

Apex Legends Season 3 will come with a long list of changes. Players can not only expect to see the new map for the game but also get a chance to play the new playable character, new battle pass, and the new Charge Rifle weapon.

However, when the new weapon was getting tested, it was discovered that the weapon might be too powerful and that having it in the game could make it too dominant which is why they have decided to nerf the weapon with the arrival of Season 3. The udpate will increase teh amount of ammo needed per shot and also change up the mag size.

As for when players can expect to see these changes made to the game, it was reported that we will get to see it as soon as next week. On top of that, we can also expect some changes to be made to the battle royale mode as well.