Anthem & BioWare Conspiracy Theory Addressed

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Anthem is clearly not like most of the games that Bioware releases and this has lead fans to speculate that maybe EA had played a huge role in the sudden change of style.

In case you missed it, some fans are saying that EA was the one that forced Bioware to make Anthem a more multiplayer-focused game. However, Bioware has since come out to address the rumours.

According to James Ohlen, that is definitely not true and that Anthem was all about Bioware taking risks and trying out new things. Despite already leaving Bioware, he reassured fans that although Anthem is a multiplayer focus game, it does not mean that Bioware will not be making those classic Bioware games anymore.

The new Anthem game will be released in February next year on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC but there will be a beta launch before that so fans could try it out before it is released.

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