Animal Crossing: New Horizons New Fish & Bugs

It is July now and in the game, it also means some new fishes and bugs to catch on the inside. Here are some of the new fishes and bugs that you might want to look out for this month.

The Blue Marlin is back out after it was removed in May. The blue marlin and Napoleonfish will now have a higher chance of appearing when it is raining but the blue marlin will need to be caught off the pier. Other fishes in the northern hemisphere that were added include Ocean Sunfish, Sweetfish, and Puffer Fish.

There is also a long list of new bugs to catch but some bugs will only appear at certain times so be sure to check those if you plan to catch-all. Some of the new bugs include Golden Stag, Horned Hercules, Giant Stag, Saw Stag, Miyama Stag and so much more.

The new summer update will also be arriving on the 3rd of July which will bring the swimming and diving ability to the game.