Android Wear Sucks Just As Much As The Apple Watch

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Android Wear was said to be the best thing to come out since sliced bread came to the market. People said that it would become a necessity for using with smartphones. The future of technology would lie with voice communication, notifications and alerts, with smart homes. However the truth of the matter is that this hasn’t been so and Android Wear actually sucks just the same as Apple Watch does.

Android Wear is in its second year and the apps that are coming out for it have been slow. Even new watch faces are slow coming our way and many of them haven’t really been all that practical. All they seem to do is give the watch a new look.

When you pay out the $250 asking price you have to take into account that you could get hold of a decent entry level price phone for the same money. There are of course a few things that the watch is able to do that the phone isn’t. For instance you can swipe away notifications on your wrist or take a message while you are out and about.

However, todays phones also come with the ability for you to dictate or swipe the notification away from the screen, albeit once you have taken the handset from your pocket.

One thing about the Apple Watch and Android Wear is that you have the device on your wrist in plain sight and easy to access. However Android Wear isn’t as good as it should be, but it doesn’t mean that a smartwatch is useless.

Smart watches are just another gadget that has to be charged up and bear in mind that it helps to drain down the battery of your phone when it is attached. Maybe until Google comes up with a features that wows us and offers features that are worthwhile in Wear, you may just want to get yourself a cheap smartphone.

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